Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization supporting vulnerable groups in their fight against the virus 無償奉獻 齊心抗疫 香港生物科技協會全力支援弱勢社群抵抗疫病

(Hong Kong, July 6, 2020) As the COVID-19 pandemic ensues, The Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO) has paid close attention to Hong Kong’s elderly community. Recognizing their need for anti-epidemic supplies under the current circumstances, HKBIO decided to cooperate with the Philip KH Wong Foundation, GeneHarbor (Hong Kong) Technologies Ltd and Cellomics International Ltd to donate masks, hand sanitizers and NMN 9000 supplements to Yick Hong Home for the Aged (Kowloon) Ltd to help vulnerable groups protect themselves against the disease.
(香港,2020 年7月 6 日)2019 冠狀病毒疫情持續,香港生物科技協會關注香港社區長者在疫情下對防 疫物資的急切需求,決定聯同黄乾亨基金、基因港(香港)生物科技有限公司及晶準生物科技有限公司向益康護老 院(九龍)有限公司捐贈口罩、酒精搓手液及艾沐茵(NMN 9000)補充劑,幫助弱勢社群抵抗疫病。


Anti-epidemic donation campaign helping Hong Kong’s grassroots and vulnerable groups 齊心抗疫捐贈活動幫助本地弱勢社群
The anti-epidemic donation campaign was organised by the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, and together with various biotechnology companies and organisations have donated anti-epidemic supplies to vulnerable groups and people in need since early March. Goal is to help solve their urgent needs under the pandemic, and unite all sectors of society, encouraging everyone to work together in overcoming difficulties.
「齊心抗疫捐贈活動」由香港生物科技協會策劃,自 3 月初開始與不同的生物科技公司及機構捐贈防疫物 資予弱勢社群和有需要人士,希望在疫情下幫助他們解決燃眉之急。香港生物科技協會冀望透過活動能與社會 各界團結一致,同心協力共渡難關。

Professor Cheung-hoi YU, Chairman of the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, said that "The continuing COVID-19 situation and the resulting high price of anti-epidemic supplies have made life for vulnerable groups very difficult. Our organization’s mission is to "promote the development of biotechnology in Hong Kong". As such we gathered like-minded people in biotechnology companies and institutions, to contribute towards helping grassroots and disadvantaged communities fight the pandemic, protecting the safety and wellbeing of the general public."
香港生物科技協會主席于常海教授表示:「疫情持續和防疫物資價格飆升,令弱勢社群的生活變得十分艱難。 我們協會致力推動香港生物科技發展,多年來與香港和國際的生物科技公司及科研機構合作;這次疫情我們必 須團體一致,攜手抗疫,所以我們集合志同道合的生物科技公司和機構,貢獻自己的力量幫助本地基層和弱勢 社群,和大家一起抗疫,保護社會大眾的安全和健康。」

DSC02342 compressedProfessor Cheung-hoi YU (third from the left), Chairman of the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, Professor WANG Jun (second from the left) Founder and CEO of GeneHarbor (Hong Kong) Technologies Ltd, and Ms. Christine HUANG (second from the right), Chief Executive Officer of Cellomics International Ltd personally delivering goods to Yick Hong Home for the Aged.
香港生物科技協會主席于常海教授(左三)、基因港(香港)生物科技有限公司總裁王駿教授(左二)及晶準生物科技 有限公司首席執行官黃園女士(右二)親自將物資送到益康護老院。

DSC02328 compressedProfessor Cheung-hoi YU, Chairman of the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, and Professor WANG Jun, Founder and CEO of GeneHarbor (Hong Kong) Technologies Ltd share their experience in infection prevention with the elderly.

DSC02336 compressedProfessor Cheung-hoi YU, Chairman of the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization, and Professor WANG Jun, Founder and CEO of GeneHarbor (Hong Kong) Technologies Ltd donating anti-epidemic supplies and books on anti-aging to the supervisor of the Yick Hong Home for the Aged.
香港生物科技協會主席于常海教授與基因港(香港)生物科技有限公司總裁王駿教授將防疫物和王駿教授編寫序 的新書贈給益康護老院負責人(中間)


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Professor Cheung-hoi YU, Professor WANG Jun, Ms. Christine HUANG and employees of the Secretariat distributing materials to the elderly.
香港生物科技協會主席于常海教授、基因港(香港)生物科技有限公司總裁王駿教授、晶準生物科技有限公司首席 營運官黃園女士派發物資給長者

About Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization 香港生物科技協會簡介
Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization is an independent nonprofit organization (Charities exempted from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance) with the goal to promote best practice, raise awareness across the biotechnology industry while providing added value benefits to its members, whether they are students, researchers, entrepreneurs, industry bodies, public or private sector representatives. Founded by pioneering scientists with extensive life science backgrounds and multi-cultural experience in research and development, engineering and business. Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization aims to establish and facilitate a worldwide platform for the Hong Kong biotech industry, promote awareness, encouraging and enabling international collaboration. We also provide informed opinion and technical advice to government bodies, healthcare institutions and the general public.
香港生物科技協會於 2010 年成立的非營利組織,由具有專業科學背景和在研發、工程和商業方面擁有資深經 驗的科學家創立。宗旨是推動生物科技和相關行業在香港的發展,為香港生物科技產業建立和促進一個全球平 台,並鼓勵和促成國際間的合作,同時為會員、政府機構、醫療機構和公眾提供專業的觀點與技術建議。

Upcoming Events 活動預告
To promote the development of biotechnology in Hong Kong and business exchanges with international biotechnology companies and institutions, the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization will host an international biotechnology convention BIOHK2021 in March 2021. Many international distinguished guests will attend the event, as well as biotechnology companies from all over the world. Participate in the exhibition and showcase your company's latest products and scientific research results. Don’t miss this annual event! For details, please visit www.bio-hk.com
為推動香港生物科技發展和促進與國際生物科技公司及機構的商貿交流,香港生物科技協會將舉辦香港國際生 物科技展 (BIOHK2021),多位國際著名嘉賓出席演講,亦有來自全球的生物科技公司參加展覽會,展出公司最 新產品和科研成果。年度盛事,萬勿錯過!詳情請瀏覽 www.bio-hk.com

Enquiry 傳媒查詢
Ms. Nancy Chuenchai 樊慧怡小姐 | Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization Project Manager 香港生物科技協會項目經理
Tel 電話: +852 3902 2925 Email 電郵: nancy.chuenchai@hkbio.org.hk

Ms. Dior Lai 黎匡婷小姐 | Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization Operations Manager 香港生物科技協會營運經理
Tel 電話: +852 3902 2946 Email 電郵: dior.lai@hkbio.org.hk



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