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Hong Kong, being the gateway to China, provides a rich source of opportunities for overseas investors looking to capitalize on the growth of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). Meanwhile, for companies from China, Hong Kong is a bridge to connect with the West. Moreover, the new listing rules adopted by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) which allow pre-revenue biotech companies to be listed on the HKEX is a bold imperative step for the growth of the biotech sector in Hong Kong. Thus, we could not think of a better way to kick-start the Asian biotech revolution than by organizing BIOHK2022 convention in Hong Kong, the potential biotech epicentre of Asia. This is a golden opportunity to personally view the major GBA cities involved in the future of biotechnology by becoming a part of this historical event.


人數:約40多位實體及 50多位Zoom
形式:線上/線下 同步進行

[Modern Chinese Medicine] The Scientific Rationale of Heat Toxin-induced Blood Stasis and Cooling Blood by Clearing Heat: Discussion on the Ameliorative Effect and Mechanism of TCM in Treating COVID-19


Host: Prof. YU Cheung-Hoi, Ph.D., JP

Speaker: Prof. HAN Jing Yan




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