Directory of Biotechnology Industry in the Greater Bay Area

Who are we?
Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO) is a leading industry organization focused on international collaboration in life sciences. Our organization includes leading companies from industries such as pharmaceutics, biotech, medical devices, payers/insurance, providers/hospitals and various life sciences service providers. Our members also include the leading academic institutions as well leading healthcare technology and R&D start-up companies.

What are we doing?
The biotechnology industry requires great connectivity among its different and diverse stakeholders to establish collaborations, strategic alliances, knowledge exchange and equipment sharing. The lack of a comprehensive biotechnology industry directory in the Greater Bay Area imposes an invisible barrier to local and overseas SME biotech companies. HKBIO is now composing a Biotechnology Industry Directory which aims to address this invisible barrier by capturing a complete statistical picture, creating a comprehensive overview, and providing a quick, easy and comprehensive search for companies and organizations of the broad dynamic biotech industry in Hong Kong.

Why should you join this directory?

  • Be listed in this first comprehensive Greater Bay Area Biotechnology Directory
  • Greater Bay Area is the world’s fastest-growing biotech and pharmaceutical market, where Hong Kong is the world 2nd largest Biotech IPO market nowadays
  • Highlight your company from the industry
  • Easier for potential clients to reach your business
  • Track your competitors and similar companies
  • Identify potential partners

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